Elika Maria is a motivational speaker who believes that you have the power to live your best life through the choices and decisions you make, exploring, taking action and speaking up. Most people will go through life living in their comfort zones and not even aware that there is a world of opportunities and adventure at their fingertips. Elika teaches listeners to strive for more, ask tough questions, seek and explore and live a more fulfilled life.

Through her motivational speaking, Elika shares some of her most vulnerable moments as a young mom and entrepreneur and shares tangible strategies to gain the courage to take steps towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

20% of speaking and coaching goes towards Youth Infusion & Girls Infused Program

Inspiring, Encouraging & Uplifting

Elika's keynotes

Keynote #1: You Are in Charge of You!

Let’s Deep Dive, Explore and Rediscover YOU, Authentically and Unapologetically

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so we go through life constantly exploring and evolving as our experiences dictate who we ultimately become. We spend our life seeking out who we are, what we want, who we want to be in order to live an authentic and fulfilled life.

Elika’s childhood and teen years were not the best years of her life. She spent them trying to fit in and never really felt accepted. Early on she was conditioned to listen, obey and not speak up because that was disrespectful, especially if you’re a girl. As a young mom and entrepreneur, she spent her life exploring and seeking clarity but never really being true to herself.

Most of Elika’s young adult life was spent learning, exploring, diving deep and asking tough questions and staring those demons of self-doubt head on. After years of self-exploration and discovery, she found the courage and power of her voice. She discovered that being her authentic self was empower and came with immense power.

You have a choice to live by the rules or live by YOUR rules. You are in charge of your journey and you get to decide your next adventure.

Let’s discover the authentic YOU and unleash your Superpowers!


  • Techniques to deep dive through self-exploration.
  • Find the courage to be your authentic self, value your strengths and stop apologizing for speaking up!
  • Learn how to effectively listen to your voice, understand and embrace the uncomfortable and recognize you have the power to be your best YOU.
  • Discover a much healthier mindset and deeper connection with others you might not have thought possible.
  • You’ll learn how you have the power to drive the change you want to see in the world and in your life.

Intended Audience:

  • Women’s Conferences
  • Business Conferences
  • Personal and Professional Development Events
  • Colleges and Universities

Keynote #2: AM I IN BURNOUT?


Life can throw us some curve balls and we find ourselves off balance trying to juggle it all. Anxiety sets in and we wonder how did we get to this place of anxiety and overwhelm? How does one truly know when they are in burnout?  Burnout is the state of mind that comes with long-term, unresolved stress that can negatively affect your work, your health, including mental health and your life ultimately causing emotional exhaustion and extreme fatigue and loss of motivation. In an ideal world, people would go about their lives with smiles and not experience burnout, however, burnout is real and sometimes we don’t even know we are in complete burnout until our bodies shut down or our lives change in a dramatic way.

Let’s face it, life is hard for most of us and it’s not easy to balance work, day-to-day tasks and life in general. Understanding when you are in burnout, accepting that you are in burnout and learning to manage or change some things with simple strategies is the formula for a less stressful and fulfilling life.

Through some difficult and raw life experiences where she was drowning while the rough waves of life came crashing down on her, Elika shares strategies that will help you understand burnout and how to ride the waves of life to come out on top. You’ll be surprised at how simple it really is to get back your life.

  • Learn strategies to understand and manage anxiety.
  • How to establish boundaries and keep them.
  • Work-life balance strategies you can implement immediately.
  • An understanding and awareness of the warning signs and how to embrace them.

Intended Audience:

  • Corporate Events
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Business Conferences
  • Medical Professionals and Hospitals
  • Teachers and School Administrators
  • Personal and Professional Development Events
  • Colleges and Universities

Youth talks



So what happens when young people’s voices are heard? Change happens and people listen!

When young people rise up and show up, their voices are heard, and amazing things can happen. With 1.8 billion young people aged between 10 and 24, this generation has the opportunity to bring about lasting change.

Today’s youth have the power and potential to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges and issues. Ask their opinions and give them a platform to voice their concerns and amazing positive change happens.

As co-founder and Executive Director of a 501c3 non-profit called Youth Infusion, Inc., Elika has worked closely and partnered with school administrators, teachers, business leaders and other non-profits to give youth a platform where they can voice their concerns. Students identify issues in their community and work to promote awareness and solutions. In addition to learning specific content, through service-learning projects, students are given an opportunity to improve their skills. Because students involved with service-learning projects work directly with community leaders, public officials, and community members, they are able to improve their public speaking, technical skills and creativity. In addition, by engaging in social/political issues, students are given opportunities to think critically and analyze problems to create systemic change. It is important now more than ever for students to deeply engage in real world issues.

Today’s youth carry the future within them. This keynote reflects this promise by helping youth understand how to use their voice to become part of the solution to the issues that matter most to them. This motivational session includes personal stories that underscore the magnitude of possibility awaiting each and every young person as they prepare to make their way into the world.

Students will:

  • Discover ways their voices impact their communities and the world at large.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges, harness and free their potential.
  • Hear real-life stories of overcoming the odds and triumphing over adversity.
  • Learn how to use their thoughts and dreams to create the life they envision.
  • Be inspired to be an unstoppable force for positive change in the world.


Intended Audience:

  • High Schools
  • Youth Conferences
  • Colleges and Universities

To learn more about Youth Infusion, Inc., Service-learning and Youth-led programming, you can visit Youth Infusion’s website: www.youthinfusioninc.com

Keynote #4: Girls Infused

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Girls infused is a young girls empowerment and mentorship program for girls ages 10-15 years old.

Young girls who participate will learn:

  • Positive body image
  • Safe social media use
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Ways to cope with stress
  • Empathy, kindness and assertiveness
  • Healthy relationships
  • Personal and school safety
  • Problem and conflict solving
  • Academic success

Intended Audience:

  • Elementary and Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.
  • Conferences Empowering young girls and women.
  • School and club sports teams.
  • PTO speaking events.
  • Recreation Departments and community programs (staff and participants).
  • Staff Trainings and workshops (camps and schools), Camper events, Fundraising Events.
Elika Maria Motivational Speaker


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